Yichun Wang

PROJECT 1: Masters Of Control

Assigned Masterworks: Sony Aibo & Hasbro

Recreation: Robot Pets 


PROJECT 2: The Command: Buttons

Jolly Lamp

Designer: Cylia (Yichun) Wang

Archetype: Constraint

Product: Jolly Lamp is a smart lamp , which could change colors according to users’ mood. Switch the cube, choose your mood right now, and see what happens.


PROJECT 2: The Command: Do What I Mean

A.M Lamp 

Designer: Cylia (Yichun) Wang

Archetype: growth


Project 3-The Arrival: old dogs, new trick


Designer: Yichun Wang

Archetype: Transformation

Product: What if you can free our hands from typing? FootBoard explores the possibilities of using our feet for tying and sending commands.


Project 4-The Gathering: strength in numbers

Circus of Curiosity

Designers: Li songCylia(Yichun) Wang, Divyasree Chembrolu

Archetype: Growth

Context: Bionic beings who are part-human, part-machine may sound like a concept that still belongs in science fiction stories. But experts say that cyborgs are already walking among us, and have been around for quite some time.

Product: Circus of Curiosity, a market showing cybernetic organism technology for human beings. Such as Robotic Knee Cap that can read neuro signals and  move limbs for the paralyzed. 3D bacteria printer for 3D skin printing to fix skin injury. Future Ear is a set of biotic ears that can improve human’s hearing ability.