Designer:  Ji Won Yeom


Project 3-The Arrival: old dogs, new tricks

Archetype:  Transformation

Context:  What Street/urban trees are? They are planted in the sidewalk or in planting strips along the street side of the sidewalk.

San Franciscan used to live in green surrounded by tons of street trees. However, it has been being destroyed every day because a fragmented maintenance structure, an inadequate maintenance funding, and indifference as watching trees decline and die. Finally, San Francisco has the smallest tree canopy of any major U.S. city, even though it insists it is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly city in U.S. Trees in the city make our life a little more worthwhile and they are more than just beautiful additions to urban life.

“The environment is in us, not outside of us. The trees are our lungs, the rivers our bloodstream. We are all interconnected, and what you do to the environment, ultimately you do to yourself.”        By Ian Somerhalder

Product:  TREEDED, operated by a non-profit organization, is a mobile AR game for tree lovers, which uses the real map of the location. The game is to provoke our attention to make us care for trees that grow in towns where we live while walking on the street. Even we walk the same path over and over throughout a day, a month, or even a year, we may not take much notice. If the worst, we even don’t know whether trees are gone or not. The purpose was to enhance the value of the tree, by heightening our awareness of those often overlooked trees and applying fun to natural objects around us. Through TREEDED, users could ease themselves into their hurried lives and look around their environment by proposing a slower mode of material engagement that potentially helps users to have richer experiences with objects in everyday life.

By accomplishing different challenges such as catching a person attacking trees, removing signs on the tree, or cleaning up surroundings of trees throughout the game, a user will have an ownership for one tree. Once, the user has an ownership for the tree, he/she takes a responsibility to take care of and is available to decorate the tree as well. Different users are possible to send love to other users’ trees. If the tree is ranked the best tree in the neighbor according to received love, the user has a chance to plant a real tree in a place of need by the non-profit organization

Show your love for trees in augmented reality world and appreciate the natural world!


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