Designer: Joyce Lu


Project 3-The Arrival: old dogs, new tricks

Archetype: Constraint

Context: Amid a challenging global environment of technology disruptions and widening income equality, artificial intelligence, after years of hype and debate, brings workplace automation not just to physically intensive roles and repetitive routines but also to a wide range of other tasks. Technological advancements are destroying job market opportunities faster than they create in struggling cities, while organizations and businesses struggle to find the right person with appropriate skills and experience to staff projects. Staffing coordinators have tried to step into the breach, but their efforts, even when effective, are necessarily limited in scale.

Product: To protect the economy and restore growth to the job market, the government mandates that all citizens, permanent residents and non-immigrant temporary workers are registered on SkillPass. Leveraging big data and artificial intelligence, SkillPass is a nation-wide platform that the government has initiated to match people to jobs, it consists of a profile-based, nationwide directory of people’s skills, performance in previous assignments, working styles, personality traits, availability, and locations.


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