Naze for Nutri Ba

Designer: Raquel Kalil


The Command: Buttons


Context: In ten years a meal replacement called Nutri Ba paves the way as the ultimate alternative solution to food systems. There will be no need to farm or harvest produce for the masses because no one can no longer afford such green luxuries. With the worldwide shift in edible goods, Nutri Ba offers nutritional value but lacks all the sensory delights when it comes to preparing and eating food. A new culinary service opens up called Naze, which allows consumers to smell lost flavors of the past.

Product: Naze is a special cartridge for 3D food printers. Each cartridge is a unique flavor that injects flavor into Nutri Ba meals. Naze’s injection system awakens the senses, overwhelming the bland taste and texture of Nutri Ba in order to create a delightful experience of eating future meals.

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