Designer: Lei Xiang


Project 3-The Arrival: old dogs, new tricks

Archetype: Collapse

Context:  Nowadays, people more and more rely on the free virtual space to store and share their memory, like save photos on the cloud, or write posts on the social platform every day. At the meantime, since we have much less thing need to remember, our memory in the brain will become blurry and vague. When I was a child, I can remember almost all of my family member’s phone number, but now these numbers are saved in my phone contact, instead of my brain. So our data and memory are captivated by these social platforms. In 2037,  these social platforms decide to provide a Mefume Salon service to help people recall their memo via odor, in other words, they sell back our memory to us. Scents were personalized and customized for different people based on their previous topics on the social platform. The scent is mean to evoke memory, cooperate with the VR glasses playing their posts, and open the floodgate of their memory, instead of giving them exact odor.

Product: The price of this service is affordable and reasonable. People make an appointment on the application for VR glasses. They can see how many different types of posts they have according to years, and then choose one year they want to travel back. According to calculation from the data center, the application will display top three topics in that year. After users confirming their appointment, the salon will prepare one odor for each topic. Scents include ingredients related to the place they were or objects they were familiar with in that period, like herbs and spices in that city or the alcohol odor in the hospital. So in the salon, people just wear the VR glass provided and scan one bottle of perfume on the table, then lie on the chair enjoy their posts and memory with smelling the odor.


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