Li Song

PROJECT 1: Masters Of Control

Assigned Masterworks: Design for Dreaming & Smart Things

Recreation: Smart House

Smart House, it knows human’s more than they do and give reaction depends on user’s body. For example, it plans user’s meals everyday. It learns from users, and make decisions for them. In this project, I was trying to make audiences to think What’s the edge of technology. How to balance convenience and pleasure of experience.

PROJECT 2: The Command: Buttons

Smart Set 1.0

Designer: Li Song

Archetype: Growth

Context: Utensil will be a measure tool in the future which is a trend I am looking for. If utensil can be a tool for diabetes that measure how much sugar intake during daily meals? Defining a new way of using utensil is the purpose of this project.

Product: Smart Set is designed for diabetes which can calculate and detect carbohydrates in order to raise a healthy food awareness for them. All you need to do is unlocking the set and setting your data. It will record carbohydrates that you intake into your body.

PROJECT 2: The Command: Do What I Mean

Sugar Wise

Designer:  Li Song

Archetype: Transformative

Context:  Diabetes people have hard time to monitor their blood sugar level. The version nowadays is complex and invasive. In my project, I am looking for a way that can change the way that using this range of product. Also, I am trying to build connection between blood sugar level and daily sugar intake in order to make detection of blood sugar level more efficient.

Product: Sugar Wise, the world first predictable blood sugar level monitor. It is a way to measure glucose levels in real-time throughout the day and connect it into your food style. To successfully manage diabetes, a monitoring system is needed to consistently check your glucose levels.

Monitor glucose activity in real-time with a small sensor. And predict your glucose levels once you eat. Then, alarm you when glucose levels too high.

Project 3-The Arrival: old dogs, new tricks


Designer: Li Song

Archetype: Constraint

Context: According to a survey of 1,000 men in the US and UK conducted by JWT (a marketing communications company), men are increasingly feeling the pressure to beautify themselves. It’s a thing now: Young men are into makeup, and the industry is going where the boys are.

Product: Formen is the globe’s first professional male cosmetic company. We created exquisite products specifically designed to cloak skin imperfections and enhance the male skin. Born and raised in San Francisco, USA.


Project 4-The Gathering: strength in numbers

Circus of Curiosity

Designers: Li songCylia(Yichun) Wang, Divyasree Chembrolu

Archetype: Growth

Context: Bionic beings who are part-human, part-machine may sound like a concept that still belongs in science fiction stories. But experts say that cyborgs are already walking among us, and have been around for quite some time.

Product: Circus of Curiosity, a market showing cybernetic organism technology for human beings. Such as Robotic Knee Cap that can read neuro signals and  move limbs for the paralyzed. 3D bacteria printer for 3D skin printing to fix skin injury. Future Ear is a set of biotic ears that can improve human’s hearing ability.