Lei Xiang

PROJECT 1: Masters Of Control

Assigned Masterworks: Electrolux Vacuum (1960) – Bang and Olufsen (current)

Recreation: Silent Auction

Branding is powerful. These two famous companies Electrolux and B&O both are successful branding cases. They provide products with the incredibly high price. Successful branding is one of the most important elements for them to sell products well.

I recreated a silent auction experience to show how branding and visual communication relevant to a luxury product. The product I sold is a normal flash drive, and I used the electromagnetic levitation installation make it floating. It looks pretty and high-tech. Then let classmates and professors write the price they would like to pay for this “luxury” flash drive.

PROJECT 2: The Command: Buttons

Cafe X

Designer: Lei Xiang


Context: If we look back to the history, people went to the cafe to chat and share information day and night. Cafe as the public social place has a long history as well as the teahouse and the bar. However, the coffee shop today gradually losing its social role, especially comparing with the other two. What you see in the cafe is people bend their neck and keep scrolling on their tiny screens, or typing quickly on their keyboards of the laptop. People work separately and never talk to others around them. However, a research shown 88% people in the cafe are not really busy or deal with something emergent, and they’ve asked themselves the same exact question: what is everyone here doing.

Product: Cafe X is the cafe designed to let people put down their device and provide a trigger moment to start an interpersonal conversation. Cafe X is a robotic cafe with a robotic arm provide coffee and desk companion tiny robots. Every seat comes with a robot; people connect the robot in front of them by connecting free wifi. And after that, their robots will move in the same direction as the direction they interact with their devices. The cute robot will attract people’s attention and let people put down their devices. If they don’t, their robots may collide with others or fall on the ground. When two robots collide, it’s a chance and awkward moment to start an “awkward” conversation.

PROJECT 2: The Command: Do What I Mean

Cafe X

Designer: Lei Xiang


Context: From the 14th century, people in the cafe discussed politics and business; the cafe that time provided people with various games or newspaper to help them generate topics and keep chatting. While nowaday, people in the cafe communicate with others online or they find people they want to talk online and then come to the coffee shop. And the cafe provides with phone charger or free wifi. People nowadays prefer to have the productive and motivated conversation.

Product: In 2027, Cafe X is the coffee shop combines the interpersonal conversation with the productive conversation. A tiny robot will import people’s professional profile and social orientation by facial recognition. And then the robot will display the matching results; people can decide if they want to talk with this person or not after reviewing others’ profiles. If two people satisfied with each other, their robots will guide them to find each other, and a conversation will start.


Project 3-The Arrival: old dogs, new tricks


Designer: Lei Xiang

Archetype: Collapse

Context:  Nowadays, people more and more rely on the free virtual space to store and share their memory, like save photos on the cloud, or write posts on the social platform every day. At the meantime, since we have much less thing need to remember, our memory in the brain will become blurry and vague. When I was a child, I can remember almost all of my family member’s phone number, but now these numbers are saved in my phone contact, instead of my brain. So our data and memory are captivated by these social platforms. In 2037,  these social platforms decide to provide a Mefume Salon service to help people recall their memo via odor, in other words, they sell back our memory to us. Scents were personalized and customized for different people based on their previous topics on the social platform. The scent is mean to evoke memory, cooperate with the VR glasses playing their posts, and open the floodgate of their memory, instead of giving them exact odor.

Product: The price of this service is affordable and reasonable. People make an appointment on the application for VR glasses. They can see how many different types of posts they have according to years, and then choose one year they want to travel back. According to calculation from the data center, the application will display top three topics in that year. After users confirming their appointment, the salon will prepare one odor for each topic. Scents include ingredients related to the place they were or objects they were familiar with in that period, like herbs and spices in that city or the alcohol odor in the hospital. So in the salon, people just wear the VR glass provided and scan one bottle of perfume on the table, then lie on the chair enjoy their posts and memory with smelling the odor.


Project 4-The Gathering: strength in numbers

Bubble Protest

Designers: Gabbie Zhong, Ji Won Yeom, Lei Xiang

Context: 5 years from now, During Donald Trump’s second presidency, a lot of people realize that the United States government doesn’t care about people’s voice anymore. Most of states are processing forbidden violent demonstration law. Our company’s objective is providing a safe place for brave citizens, who will attempt to take a stand speak out their opinions with anonymity. Our online services will get more people into those topics. They can vote with the Pro and Con opinions. Our visual data analysis charts show the results with completely transparency during the event. All participants’ information are protecting by our company.

Product: Bubble suit protest event.

Bubble suit: Bubble ball is the inflatable body suit that the participants wear in order to play an interactive protests. People can bounce, roll, and flip without limitations. Users can strap on the suit  just like wearing back pack except that it’s surround you and ‘bump’ into each other, much like a football game. This suit can protect users get hurt during the protest, also it can cover everyone’s identity.

How to protest: First the user will register online. The website will contain the issue for which the participants will be protesting. During the registration, they will be able to choose between two types of groups: a regular voter and participant. Voter registration is free, however participants will have to pay a fee to enter the event. They will enter their credit card information, but will not get charged right away. They will first have to the background check. Furthermore, voters are subject to a background check as well.

Once the participant passes the background check, he / she will receive an email telling them that. They will then be able to login to their account, and choose which political side they support, and whether they want to be in the debate or just a supporter. An invitation with the protest location will then be sent to the user’s home address and the credit card will be charged.

Once at the event, the participant will have to get through the security check. While there, they will have to collect their belongings and put them in the locker. The debaters will have a number by which they will get called to come up to the stage. Each person on the stage will have 1 minute to debate a certain topic. In other words, each debate will be 2 minutes since two people will be arguing it out.

The protest area will be divided into three sections: the first section is just a common area, where people can simply hang around, chat and maybe tackle each other; the second section is the winners’ section; the winner of each debate will come here and celebrate with all the other winners. The final section is the stage area where the participants will watch the two debaters from each side debating.
The way the winner gets to be decided is by a vote. All the registered voters will be able to watch the debate through the live feed on the website. Once a debate is over, they will be able to vote for their choice. They will be given 1 minute after the debate to cast their vote. Once done, the winner will head to the winner’s section, which is section 2, the loser will head to the waiting section,  which is section one and another debate will begin.