Dump Dining

Designer: Raquel Kali

Project 3-The Arrival: old dogs, new tricks

Archetype: Constraint

Context:  When food systems collapse, our routine for “shopping” for food dramatically transforms into a foraging way of life. The gap between the 1% and the masses, or Food Thrifters, widens as food becomes inextricably scarce and high-priced. What remains of food, however, continues to be thrown out as its appearance and freshness is designed to appeal for those who can afford it.

Product: As part of the zero waste initiative, the San Francisco Government mandates a new recycling system called “Dump Dining.” The ordinance mandates that food vendors throughout the city recycle and repackage their leftovers and expired foods so that govt funded Food Agents could regularly pick up and distribute these upcycled meals. In order to securely and safely provide these newly packaged old meals, Food agents are provided with a series of Food Probes which allows them to inspect the quality, freshness and nutritional value of expired foods. Once the food has been processed by a series of probes, the Food Agent is able to help distribute the newly sanitized meals for Food Thrifters to receive at their designated Dump Dining location.