Et Sens

Designer: Raquel Kalil


The Command: Do What I Mean

Archetype: Collapse + Transformation

Context:  Ten years from now, our relationship with food will be lackluster due to decline of food production. Produce that was once available in grocery stores have now become scarce and unavailable for daily consumption. The decline of real food has been steadily replaced by products such as Soylent and 3D printed meals called Nutri Ba. With bland colored edibles that are designed to satisfy your body needs, we have lost our sense of what real food smells, looks and tastes like.

Product: Et sens is a luxury mail-order service that transforms the way we consume meal replacement products. It is a sensory collection of ingestible ingredients that reintroduces real food through the senses. Et Sens delivers three tiers of sensory experiences: 1) an olfactory kit to smell extracts from foods of the past; 2) a 3D printed cartridge to blend with your Nutri Ba meal printer; and finally, a sample of the real food that has been farmed and engineered for our rekindled use.

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