Push it to show off your heart

Designer: Gabbie Zhong


The Command: Buttons

Archetype: Growth

Context: Because of religion, privacy concerns, and government pressures (such as protests), more and more people choose to hide their faces. Because of this trend, hoodies are a future fashion style.

Product: Wearable technology as fashion is a new topic in present society. Making clothing interact with our daily lives is going to be a future trend. For example, clothing will be able to interact with people’s heartbeats; even when their faces are covered with a big hoodie, the heartbeat can still give an indication of the emotion of a person. Furthermore, the heartbeat can give a general idea of a person’s emotion by  using a heartbeat sensor to detect the heart rate. The rate of the heartbeat will also be able to control the LED lights, which indicate the person’s current emotional state.

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