Designer:  Ji Won Yeom


The Command: Buttons


Context: According to researches. more than 85% of kids are picky eaters. Those kids have their own picky stages. but those pickiness is normal and natural. All parents’ need is just patient. Children need time to learn to be good eaters. Forcing, bribing, punishing, or depriving will undermine those children. It will make the situation worse. However. parents want their kids to eat healthy foods like lots of fruits or vegetables. But how do we get our fussy eaters to try new foods?

Product: The project starts from the idea what if there is a ‘Friend’ to those picky eaters to nudge them to have more healthy meals. meal·mate is an Interactive device that guide picky eaters to keep flt diet. It allows parents to choose food and projects animation on plates base on food information parents’ selection. The device that enables children ready to receive and ultimately enjoy the meal. The whole process makes eating experience as fun!

The Command: Do What I Mean

Archetype: Growth

Context: “Eat your breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day!” Any breakfast is better than no breakfast, but having doughnuts or cereals all the time doesn’t sound conducive. Apparently they also don’t contain the nutrients a kid really needs. Also, breakfast is the most difficult time for working parents to make their kids to have breakfast.

Product: meal mate is a interactive product that helps users cultivate a habit of serving their kids certain food with breakfast. Getting into the habit of serving healthy breakfast will make their kids’ day as sustainable and productive. The product is a set of projector and plate which responds in real time. When kids try any foods on the plate, the character projected from the device praises kids to cheer them up to have food. Yet, it they don’t try certain foods on the plate, the character moves to that food area on the plate and tell kids to try it and nudge them with interesting stories. The product ultimately helps kids to have an healthy breakfast with fun not, but also helps parents to save their hustle and bustle morning schedule.

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