Bubble Protest

Designers: Gabbie Zhong, Ji Won Yeom, Lei Xiang

Context: 5 years from now, During Donald Trump’s second presidency, a lot of people realize that the United States government doesn’t care about people’s voice anymore. Most of states are processing forbidden violent demonstration law. Our company’s objective is providing a safe place for brave citizens, who will attempt to take a stand speak out their opinions with anonymity. Our online services will get more people into those topics. They can vote with the Pro and Con opinions. Our visual data analysis charts show the results with completely transparency during the event. All participants’ information are protecting by our company.

Product: Bubble suit protest event.

Bubble suit: Bubble ball is the inflatable body suit that the participants wear in order to play an interactive protests. People can bounce, roll, and flip without limitations. Users can strap on the suit  just like wearing back pack except that it’s surround you and ‘bump’ into each other, much like a football game. This suit can protect users get hurt during the protest, also it can cover everyone’s identity.

How to protest: First the user will register online. The website will contain the issue for which the participants will be protesting. During the registration, they will be able to choose between two types of groups: a regular voter and participant. Voter registration is free, however participants will have to pay a fee to enter the event. They will enter their credit card information, but will not get charged right away. They will first have to the background check. Furthermore, voters are subject to a background check as well.

Once the participant passes the background check, he / she will receive an email telling them that. They will then be able to login to their account, and choose which political side they support, and whether they want to be in the debate or just a supporter. An invitation with the protest location will then be sent to the user’s home address and the credit card will be charged.

Once at the event, the participant will have to get through the security check. While there, they will have to collect their belongings and put them in the locker. The debaters will have a number by which they will get called to come up to the stage. Each person on the stage will have 1 minute to debate a certain topic. In other words, each debate will be 2 minutes since two people will be arguing it out.

The protest area will be divided into three sections: the first section is just a common area, where people can simply hang around, chat and maybe tackle each other; the second section is the winners’ section; the winner of each debate will come here and celebrate with all the other winners. The final section is the stage area where the participants will watch the two debaters from each side debating.
The way the winner gets to be decided is by a vote. All the registered voters will be able to watch the debate through the live feed on the website. Once a debate is over, they will be able to vote for their choice. They will be given 1 minute after the debate to cast their vote. Once done, the winner will head to the winner’s section, which is section 2, the loser will head to the waiting section,  which is section one and another debate will begin.