Beizi(Ricky) Zhang

PROJECT 1: Masters Of Control

Master piece: Rossum’s Universal Robots & Jibo

Recreation: Heard from you

Humanoid Robot,Social Robot and Emotion Robot seems like a evolution and trends. more and more people need robot could have emotion, can get the point of themselves and accompany them  in some moments.

This experience took place in smartphone, once you open the app, you can get in touch with Jibo and gain some feedback from robot through SSA and TTS techniques. when user want to someone heard from themselves or talk with others, they could use this to engage with it.


PROJECT 2: The Command: Buttons

Push it, save more.

Designer:  Beizi Zhang

Archetype:  growth

Context:  Online shopping’s been a crucial part of people’s daily life as the result of technological development. With everything just a click away, the phenomenon of “impulse buy” is expected to skyrocket; customers look at pricing over actual need in decisions of placing orders.

Product: I propose that feedback be prompted after each order. Link a physical button for your online shopping account, For instance, a function controlling the processing of orders according to a preset shopping “quota” could be set up as a reminder of rational thinking. when you push it, that means you can save more.


PROJECT 2: The Command: Do What I Mean


Designer: Beizi Zhang

Archetype: Transformation

Context: Seperate the moment of decision and moment action. Imagine in the future have a way to get more sense when you purchasing, combine the plan and payment, Money also could be shaped in simple form. this systems called Cubacks cause want to let people remind  of green backs, which have the weight and time to finish purchasing. it’s time to use Cubacks, when all of your purchasing through physical object, you will pay more attention on it.

Product: This system can help people set the monthly cost plan and help users figure out what they really need through the re-thinking time.


Project 3-The Arrival: old dogs, new tricks

Pint Journey

Designer:  Beizi(Ricky) Zhang


Context: Everyone knows the important for blood donation, we can see all the advertisement about this topic. So how can we make the demands and needs be balanced?

Blood donation is an unfamiliar and refreshment experience. On the one hand, lots of people don’t have the motivation become a donor; On the other hand, some of the donors became abandoned donor, they couldn’t get the feedback or they think first time donation is not a good experience.

Product: The goal of this project was to create a new system for blood donation. which is let people go to the station and given blood. The biggest challenge here is how to let the abandon donors go to blood station and improve the user experience.


Project 4-The Gathering: strength in numbers

The Dumpling School

Designers: Beizi (Ricky) Zhang, Jessica (Jieyu) Yang, Joyce Lu

Archetype: Constraint

Context: About 3% of the world population, live outside their country of origin today, and the number is continuing to rise. As more people move to either settle permanently or work temporarily away from home, they bring with them some parts of their culture, leading to an increasingly unified world culture that consists of adapted cultural trends. Meanwhile, traditional skills and crafts, including cooking, are dying as people spend more time and place more emphasis on work.

We live in paradoxical times, of a cross-cultural dilemma, we may speak the same language, but do we really understand each other? We interpret subjectively, we jump to conclusions, we look at the world through eyes and lenses that’s designed to correct our vision, and not the other person’s, we stereotype.

Product: The Dumpling School is a social enterprise that partners with high schools to run week-long workshops to educate and develop cultural intelligence in high school students. Equipped with gloves that would track and help guide hand gestures when making dumplings, students learn to make dumplings in a fun and engaging way, while appreciating the differences and similarities across cultures.

At the Dumpling School, students learn to make Dumplings of world. It brings back face to face, hands on learning experience to counter balance online existences. It inspires more active and shared learning possibilities for connections and exchange.