IFTF Field Trip and Workshop

The whole class visited The Institute For The Future(IFTF) in Palo Alto for field trip and workshop. Students got a chance to dive into this future forecasting research center and learn how they create insights for global marketplace that lead to action.

Rod Falcon (Director of Technology Future Lab) and Bradley Kreit (Research Director) gave us an introduction of IFTF and shared some future forecasting project done by IFTF.



Workshop Section

Alexander Goldman (Research Manager) facilitated the workshop and introduced a future forecast method: four types of future (Growth, Collapse, Constraint, Transformation).


Then the students were paired to practice the forecasting method.  They picked one of the four futures they want to create and combined with their own technology/territory interests. Then they worked on telling the story of the future they made though bigger social picture, technology development and possible user groups.

Elevator Pitch of the Idea

Each group had a 2 mins presentation about the future they forecasted using one of the trends.


Walk Through Office Space

After the workshop, Alex walked us through the office, the future store exhibition and VR/AR workspace.


Thank you IFTF for hosting this field trip and workshop! Heading towards the future.





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