Speculation About Actionable Matter Exhibition

The whole class were invited by The Institute For The Future(IFTF) in Palo Alto to showcasing their provocative explorations of future insights during the semester. The whole class popularized the public of future forecasting studio course at CCA and shared their research with IFTF staff.


The class set up a stage for the Bubble Protest event experience through which citizens can take a stand speak out their opinions with anonymity during Donald Trump’s second presidency.


We brought the Circus of Curiosity to IFTF, a market showing cybernetic organism technology for human beings.


Design explorations of our relationship with food in the future. Et sens, a luxury mail-order service that transforms the way we consume meal replacement products, and Dump Dining, a new recycling system mandated by San Francisco Government.


The Dumpling School,  a social enterprise that partners with high schools to run week-long workshops to educate and develop cultural intelligence in high school students.


Students also presented their critical but grounded future insights through class projects.


Thank you IFTF for hosting the exhibition and sparking future insights through design.


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